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Well in the end we’ve decided just to host the thing on wordpress 🙂 Makes much more sense as it makes my life easy and don’t we all want an easy life? So I better bring you up to speed on what’s been going on since April… (and it’s a lot).

Bang! Jump!First off Tasha came to visit! Yay! Go Princess Tash. Tash whilst being our second visitor still has the honour of being first to commit to come – for that we think she’s great.

In the style of Berty Bassett, we did all sorts of really cool stuff whilst Tash was here. Went ice hiking up a frozen river, shot guns, the girls went to the Royal Tyrell dinosaur museum , went to the zoo (again) and of course watched cheesy films. I’ll say no more, except click the picture for the very large gallery.

Snow angels will they ever grow old?

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