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DSC00019First, apologies to anyone who has experienced issues with killertime.  The Database it’s on is just too busy and my ISP is taking some convincing to recognise this fact.  It will work if you hit refresh when you get a failed page load so please persevere for now, meanwhile I will continue to trying to convince them or find another ISP.

Well a lots happened since I last wrote, least of which is my computer has arrived making this task easier.  What that does mean is a further 66 crates also arrived which is a very serious unpacking job!  More on that later though, first come with us now on a journey through time and space… To the world of the Martin Boosh! Our very first UK visitor!DSC00021

As you can see from the picture, either Martin has been shrinking in the two months since we left the UK, or the sense of scale here is doing him no favours.  Everything is "bigger" here, not just trucks, space isn’t a premium so it’s just the way it is; the concept of scale, or lack of it, tickled him no end. 

We went down to the Calgary military museum, which fuelled Martin’s love of all things "tank".  His little face lit up when he saw they had a Sherman or two.  Wandering round the museum I learnt that Canadian’s are pretty active in the UN and have deployed all over.  In the museum we met a vet who was in Dieppe during WW-two, so one of the few to make it out.  Martin’s making friends and influencing people skills came to the fore with him telling him what a disaster it was.

DSC00017The second day of Martin’s visit saw us pick up our very own tank! Our lovely AWD (All-Wheel-Drive, kind of like 4WD but better (so I’m told)) Nissan Rogue.  She’s a beauty, chosen for her fuel economy (best in class and as good as our old 206, this did get some laughs as a criteria here though), sleek lines, mountain stability, and looking like a Polar Bear about to pounce feature!  Our new baby served us well taking Martin up to Sunshine a couple of times.DSC00011 

Quote of the trip? "This is where we live!"

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