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Well we arrived last Wednesday to Calgary "Cowtown", Alberta, after a traumatic time packing up and leaving a very happy home.  Jetlagged to hell we were really disappointed with our accommodation – it wasn’t well cleaned, although the bedding was fresh fortunately and the lighting scheme just seemed to highlight the dingy colours.  This had the fortunate effect to push us DSC00564in our house quest, more on that later…

Day 1 saw us visit one of the malls contending with a load of idiots who insist on driving on the wrong side of the road, in the end and after much trying to drive on the left we gave in and decided we’d drive wrong too.   The mall was pretty cool, we ended up playing with puppies at the pet shop and befriending Canadian guinea pigs.

DSC00557Shortly after we made the find of the day.  I can’t emphasise how unimaginably cool this shop is, with boots the Mighty Boosh would kill for. True Cowboy styling available for the well to do man about town.  I needn’t say anymore, just check out the piccy.  Stampede is around the first week of July and apparently everyone goes to work in Cowboy attire.  We are yet to find out if this a cunning practical joke played on the new immigrants.  

DSC00567 So back to the house hunt, we had a choice between some dream houses (and we are talking pretty unbelievable) but way out of town or a lovely place 15 minutes from work for the rental price of a garden shed in Camden.  We went for a 70’s retro, 3 bedroom house in Rosemount which is just fab, I think the black squirrels playing in the garden swung it for Em.  We should move in later in the week with any luck (thanks to Chris Swales, the very helpful agent who sorted us out on a public holiday) .  It has an open fire too so I’m going to buy an axe (maybe 3%-5% bigger than Pete’s) to go with my lumberjack shirt.

We miss you all crazily already so we are going to head to the mountains to alleviate our sadness. Hope to see you all soon in our lovely new home!

Rob and Emily.

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