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The Irish Rover

Star ChartWe all went to see Tissier Sensei in Dublin last weekend; I say we all, that’s Me, Emily, Mark and Martin, not admittedly everyone we know. He (Tissier Sensei, not Mark or Martin) is exceptional and has a fantastic teaching method, a must see for all aikidoka. Anyway we probably didn’t spend as much time on the mat as we should, it was Emily’s first trip to Ireland so we had some important diddly-dai music to listen to in Temple Bar. Click the photo for the photos – I’m sure there’s some logic in that…

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Too addictive by far

leaning-tower.JPGI am big fan of Tower Defence games of which there seem to be hundreds now and very few measure up to the originals. This one, Vector TD, at Candystand has got to be one of the best I’ve played.

Now if only I could stop! I promise I will once I get the all time high score on Frog…

Update 15 June 2007: Oh yes! Click Me!!

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Campbells tinDave of fudebako fame pointed me to todays xkcd – now that is just uncanny…

His school boy error is that both answers have the same number of letters.  Not that it would be relevant to me and MY Emily – she’s fab and i lurrrve her.

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25th Course BowSome time ago, in what seems the very dim and a bit distant past, UCL Aikido had a 25th anniversary which was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.  I got round to scanning the pictures in so I didn’t lose them and have posted them here for posterity.   There are some of the best course photos I’ve seen, together with one of them featuring the first time Satu wore a hakama after being granted permission to by Mr Smith.

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FudebakudoI have been duly and rightly chastised for not listing fudebakudo in my web-comics list below. Really it’s because I think of it as so much more than just a comic, it is an insight (sometimes worrying) into the mind and creativity of one of the most disturbingly talented people I know. So Dave, many apologies, please forgive me; oh, and may I have permission to use this image from your site?

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Phil Smith ThumbnailPhil Smith, a top aikidoka and a top man came to teach an aikido course on Saturday. We had a fantastic course, as usual I left knowing that I knew nothing. I feel like Donald Rumsfeld; at least I know my unknowns – EVERYTHING! Thanks to Phil and his entourage for coming to visit.

Click the picture on to see the gallery and a couple of videos but be warned, the videos are pretty massive; I’ll try and get some bandwidth friendly ones up soon. Thanks to Kev for the photography. There’s some white dots floating on some of the pictures, I think this is flare from the flash reflecting off dust in the air. Oh and my shoulders are meant to be up in that photo…

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