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Customer Disservice

“… We’re not satisfied until you’re not satisfied.”

Andy T. has just revealed to me the glory of despair.com, a site that too far too closley reveals the world in which we live. Thanks to Mario S. for being the king of Despair.

Check out the demotivational posters, particularly “Consulting”.

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Under the old geeklog, there were a handful of galleries linked, they now have their very own dedicated Galleries Page (link at the top of the page), and are even sorted in reverse chromatographical [sick] order.

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Web Comics

I’m a big fan of all things ‘comic’ (the paper kind as opposed to the stand-up which I also like), and a couple of web comics really, really, REALLY float my boat. Kudos and unordered grateful laughs go out to:

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An oldy but still a goody, I regularly come back to peruse The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, the result never changes but I live in hope.

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First Post


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